Brownie (left) and brother Breece (right).

(The picture is taken from the official website of McDonald's Star Game)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The annual high school basketball event in the United States "McDonald's High School All-Star Game" kicked off. Before the start of the All-Star Game, a three-point shooting and slam dunk contest was held. The high-profile Lakers star Lebron James (Lebron James) The eldest son Bronny (Bronny James) participated in this slam dunk contest. Although he failed to win the championship in the end, his brother Bryce (Bryce James) dunked beautifully, and even his father "James Emperor" applauded when he saw it.

A total of 9 players participated in this slam dunk contest. In the preliminaries, Brownie used two self-throwing wheels to enter the semi-finals. In the semi-finals, he invited his younger brother Brees to play. After trying 3 times, he finally passed him successfully Buckle in and get 63 points to enter the final.

And this dunk also made Dad James tweet, excitedly expressing that it is definitely worth getting 10 points.

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In the final final, Brownie met Sean Stewart, who was about to study at Duke University, but failed to throw the crotch slam dunk several times, failed to complete the dunk within the time limit, and finally lost to Stewart for second place receive.

It is worth mentioning that Brownie, who wore number 0 in Sierra Canyon High School, chose the same number 6 as his father in this slam dunk contest.

"James King" James also participated in the McDonald's Slam Dunk Contest before entering the NBA, and successfully won the championship. This year, Brownie failed to complete the achievement of both father and son. The future depends on whether his youngest son Brees has this opportunity.

"Zhan Huang" shared a photo of his eldest son flying over his younger son for a dunk on IG.

(picture taken from Lebron James IG)

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