Li Jiaxin/Ye Hongwei.

(File photo, photo by reporter Fang Bin)

[Reporter Liang Weiming/Comprehensive Report] In the Super 300 Series Swiss Badminton Open, my country’s Li Jiaxin/Ye Hongwei mixed doubles semi-finals were in a tough fight. They resisted the Chinese team Wei Yaxin/Jiang Zhenbang for 32 minutes, and still lost 13:21, 21:23, although missed Having advanced to the final, Li Jiaxin/Ye Hongwei has set their best record in the Super 300 series.

Li Jiaxin/Ye Hongwei, who are ranked 24th in the world mixed doubles, showed a tacit cooperation in this trip and passed all the way. Even the Indonesian strong opponent Rinov Rivaldy/Pitha Haningtyas Mentari (Pitha Haningtyas Mentari) retired after only one game. Let Li/Ye Tianyou advance to the top 4 by themselves.

For the first time in his career, he played against Wei Yaxin/Jiang Zhenbang, who are ranked 33. The Taiwanese team overcame a 0:5 deficit in the semi-finals, and chased from 3:9 to 12:12, but then stalled and was beaten again by the Chinese horse 9:1 ​​onslaught, the first game was overwhelmed. 

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Li Jiaxin/Ye Hongwei regrouped, and still followed Wei Yaxin/Jiang Zhenbang in the second game. At 9:13, they scored 7 points in a row, but they took the lead at 16:13. Unfortunately, at 19:18, the two fell into turbulence again. After 2 points, Li/Ye showed toughness and recovered, but missed the end point at 21:20, and then let Wei/Jiang catch up with the key 3 points, and finally lost in straight sets.

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