Otani Shohei.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] In the 5th World Baseball Classic championship match, Japanese team star Shohei Otani closed the 9th inning and helped the Japanese team beat the US team 3-2, winning the championship again after 14 years.

Stephen A. Smith, a well-known American talker, believes that the duel between Shohei Otani and his Angel teammate Mike Trout, under the cheers of the audience, "how can you feel bored?"

American sports radio host "Mad Dog" Russo (Chris Russo) criticized in the "ESPN" program "First Take" that Shohei Otani and Trout were not an "epic duel" at all, and that Trout would only swallow three strikes.

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Smith said on the spot that Shohei Ohtani could hit and pitch, "and who's waiting for him when he hits the plate and shuts? His teammate Trout, when healthy, is one of the best players in the history of baseball. No one would deny that." this point."

"You don't want to see Shohei Otani against anyone. You want to see him against someone like Trout. You want to see him against Trout. It's not intentional, it's not a strategy." Smith said what happened in this "fantasy matchup" was what baseball fans hoped for and could appeal to future fans.

After Shohei Otani struck out Chuout, he threw out his hat and gloves and celebrated the victory with his Japanese teammates.

Smith noted, "That's what we're talking about here, and that's why you appreciate it, love it, and not just sit there and listen to what happened to your target audience years before they were born. No, we didn't do that. "

Smith once criticized Otani Shohei in 2021 for not knowing English and needing a translator to talk to the media, which would have an impact on the promotion of baseball.

The World Baseball Classic was MUST WATCH, Doggie!!

Ohtani vs Trout at the biggest moment?! Greatness!

It DOES NOT get better than that! Moments like this is what baseball is about. @MadDogUnleashed pic.twitter.com/db41TNyfCZ

— Stephen A Smith (@stephenasmith) March 22, 2023

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