Otani Shohei.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] In the 5th World Baseball Classic, the Japanese team defeated the US team 3-2 yesterday, winning the classic again after 14 years.

However, American sports radio host Chris Russo criticized that Captain America Mike Trout would only strike out, which was criticized by a large number of netizens.

Marcus Stroman, a strong pitcher for the Cubs who played for Puerto Rico in the classic, said bluntly that this man is simply a "clown."

Shohei Otani, the star of the Japanese team, boarded and shut down in the 9th inning yesterday. After 2 outs, he played against his teammate Triott, staged a "dream showdown".

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Russo said on ESPN's "First Take" that Ohtani and Trout's matchup was not at all an "epic" matchup worth the fanfare.

Russo said, "Did you see the headlines today? 'Epic batting,' 'incredible moment,' why? Because they were teammates? Trout, who knows nothing but strikeouts, that game he With 2 strikeouts, everyone tells me Trout is (Yankee legend) Joe DiMaggio.", "I mean Trout has 175 strikeouts a year."

"This game is so bad, I'm bored to death...They made this bench the best in the history of the major leagues. It's March 21, can we take it easy," Russo said.

Russo's remarks were criticized by many foreign netizens, and Strawman tweeted, "Trouot and Otani are the two best players in history, we continue to let the poor clowns speak out in the media, It's ridiculous that MLB continues to give this clown a platform when all he does is demean players and bullshit."

Trout and Ohtani are two of the best players to ever play the game. We continue to give lame clowns a voice in the media. What a poo-poo take from an old head. Comical that @MLB continues to give this clown a platform when all he does is degrade players and yell nonsense. https://t.co/V4uYask1nq

— Marcus Stroman (@STR0) March 22, 2023

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