Otani Shohei.


[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] In the 5th World Baseball Classic championship game, Shohei Otani, the star of the Japanese team, closed in the 9th inning. He finally used an 87.2-mile slider to strike out Angel teammate Trout (Mike Trout), helping the Japanese team win the third classic championship.

Shohei Otani's Sweeper has a displacement of up to 17 feet (about 43 centimeters).

Shohei Ohtani hit the plate in the 9th inning to replace Darvish's pitch.

After 2 outs, facing Triott's playing seat, the fastest fireball soared 101.6 miles (about 163.5 kilometers).

Trout struggled to 2 good and 3 bad balls. Shohei Otani threw an 87.2-mile sweeping slider with a displacement of up to 17 feet, allowing Trout to swing a K and the Japanese team won the championship.

Dagu yelled excitedly after closing the door and threw out his gloves to celebrate with his teammates.

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Otani's final strikeout of Chuot reminded many Japanese netizens of the 2009 classic game, when Japan's strong pitcher Darvish Yu also used a slider to strike out the last hitter of the South Korean team and helped the Japanese team win the championship.

According to "China Japan Sports" report, a Japanese netizen said that over 14 years, Otani replaced Darvish and pitched, and ended the game with a strikeout from the outside corner slider. "There is no such script anymore!"


— MLB (@MLB) March 22, 2023

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