Jian Chenyan, the birthday star of New Taipei City, fired three cannons in a single game.

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[Reporter Lin Youchen/Taipei Report] On the 20th match of the Chunghwa Telecom Xie Guocheng Cup National Little League Championship, Nantou County (Xinjie Elementary School), led by ace pitcher Jin Xiangen, played a relay no-hitter with his teammates and defeated 8:1 Tainan City (Yongxin Elementary School), after winning 2 consecutive victories, will lead to the championship match of Group B, and will compete with the defending champion Taipei City for the top 4 tickets.

Jin Xiangen boarded 4 innings, not knocking out any hits, and also sent 10 strikeouts, but the only walk in 3 innings cost him. Quan Haoqian, who took over, also made it difficult for his opponent to find a safety, throwing 3K and a walk, and the two teamed up to stage an alternative no-hitter game.

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Originally playing the role of a finisher, Jin Xiangen boarded the board against Taitung County (Hongye Elementary School) yesterday and closed the door for one game. Today, he led the start again, but he said that his arm can afford it, but there are too many balls in this game, so he is not satisfied with the content. .

At the end of last year, he measured the ball speed of 118 kilometers, so he set the goal of this trip at 130 kilometers. "This distance is relatively short. I think it should be ok, because I practice very seriously." He also made a bold statement, hoping to represent Taoyuan with a complete seal Guishan Elementary School in the city.

In terms of offense, Nantou County scored 5 points with the help of Tainan City's mistakes in the first 3 innings, and scored 8 hits in the game.

The head coach of Nantou County, Ji Junlin, pointed out that although he scored 8 points today, he believes that his batters should be more than that.

New Taipei City (Xinggu Elementary School), which fell into defeat, waited until the firepower recovered, and it was blessed by the aura of the birthday star.

Driven by Jian Chenyan, who was born today, in a single game with 3 rounds, he finally exploded with 5 rounds. In the end, he reversed Yunlin County (Wenchang Elementary School) 12:4 and remained in the A-group draw.

Yunlin County took the lead in breaking the ball in the 1st inning. The first 3 bats relied on mistakes and 2 walks to form a full base.

As a result, from the 3rd inning, New Taipei City scored points in each inning. Jian Chenyan scored the first point for the team. In the 3rd inning, he used a spring home run to activate the team's line, and then Huang Xiangyi followed closely. Use 2 points to tie the score.

In the 4th inning, Chen Guansheng hit a hit that was ahead of the score. The next hit, Jian Chenyan, used a 2-point shot to complete a double hit in a single game, and also pulled the score to a safe distance; in the 5th inning, he still did not let go of the 3-point shot , 3 rings in a single game, and 6 RBIs for personal betting.

Jian Chenyan said straight after the game that he didn’t realize that today was his birthday. He didn’t realize it until his teammates sang a happy birthday song when they gathered in the rest area after the first bang was released. He hit an inside home run. Not only did he throw the ball out of the wall for the first time on his birthday, but he also hit a 3-run home run. He especially thanked the coach for his reminder, "Tell me that the hit was true, but he didn't tell me that I might not hit it. .”

The reason why Jian Chenyan said this is that before these 3 home runs, all the previous bats had struck out, including the 2K in yesterday's game, and today's first bat also scored a K, which made him think that he was in a bad state. , so I hit the batting mat for the first home run. In fact, I only wanted to hit base first. "Because the number of balls is 2 bad balls, I set it at the belt height. It will be easier to hit. The coach told me to tie, and I will hit it."

Another invisible hero in New Taipei City is Huang Youchen. Not only did he back up 5 rounds without losing points, but he also performed 9K consecutively after boarding the board, with a total of 14K records. It was Yangchun's home run.

Nantou County ace Jin Xiangen and his teammates played a relay no-hitter.

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Nantou County's 2 consecutive victories lead to the victory of the championship.

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