The women's saber fencing

team of Ukraine

won bronze in the team championship at the World Cup in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.

The Ukrainian national team was represented by Olga Harlan, Alina Komaschuk, Olena Kravatska and Valeriya Hnidasheva.

In the first round, the Ukrainian women defeated Turkey (45:38), after which they won against the leaders of the world ranking - the French women (45:44).

In the quarter-finals, the "blue-yellow" were stronger than Germany (45:42), after which they lost to the Italians in the semi-finals (43:45).

In the bronze medal match, the Ukrainian national team defeated Hungary (45:41).

This is the first award of our saber team at the World Cup since November 2019, when the Ukrainian women won "bronze" at the stage in Orleans, France.

It was previously reported that the International Fencing Federation (FIE) decided 

to return

Russians and Belarusians to international competitions.

This caused the indignation of the world community.

Due to the cancellation of the "ban" of athletes from the aggressor countries, Germany


to host the Women's Rapier Fencing World Cup, which was scheduled for early May 2023.

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