The Japanese Samurai will face off against Mexico in the top 4 tomorrow.

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[Reporter Gong Naiyu/Comprehensive Report] The Japanese team is only 2 wins away from regaining the championship in the classic match. If they can successfully reach the battle, Katsuhiro Miyamoto, an honorary professor at Kansai University in Japan, believes that the economic benefits may reach 65 billion yen (about 15.15 billion Taiwan dollars).

Katsuhiro Miyamoto calculated on February 21, before the opening of the classic, that if the Japanese team won the championship, it would be calculated based on the training ground Miyazaki and the warm-up match, sports bar, media revenue, appearance fees and bonuses for players and coaches, etc. Economical The benefit is about 59.64847 billion yen.

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However, the upsurge of this classic game in Japan is even greater than expected before the start. Katsuhiro Miyamoto judged that the audience and media income in the sports bar during the conference will be more, pointing out that the economic benefits may exceed 60 billion yen, or even reach 65 billion yen.

In the 2009 Classics, Japan led by Ichiro and Darvish for consecutive championships. At that time, Katsuhiro Miyamoto predicted that the economic benefit was 50.6 billion yen. This time it is bound to increase significantly, provided that the Japanese team wins the championship.

Katsuhiro Miyamoto pointed out that if the Japanese team wins the championship, if a parade is held in Ginza, the crowds will still be astonishing even if the "Traveling America Team" is not there. Elderly women who know baseball will also say that Otani is great, "The new fans born because of the classic game will also enter the stadium in the future."

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