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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Angel pitcher Ben Joyce, who had soared 105.5 miles in college, previously pitched a scoreless inning against the Royals, and soared 104 miles (approximately 167.3 kilometers) of fireball , Spring training has played 5 games so far without losing points.

Joyce boarded on the 7th. He first struck out 2 hitters in a row and then threw a touch ball, and then 1 ball to solve the batter who fell off the batter to complete the pitching task of this half inning. He has played 5 games in spring training. Throwing only 2 hits in 5 innings, sending 6 strikeouts, 4 walks and 1 walk, the batting rate is only 118%, the on-base rate per inning is 1.20, and the defense rate is 0.

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"Everyone wants to see Ben Joyce and that fastball."

The No. 11 @Angels prospect struck out a pair in his fifth straight scoreless outing, reportedly hitting 104 mph:

— MLB Pipeline (@MLBPipeline) March 17, 2023

Since there was no public speed gun in the game, internal data from the team showed after the game that Joyce's last ball was as high as 104 miles. Since the major leagues began to have detailed pitch tracking data in 2008, there are only 7 major league players. Players can throw at such a speed. Last year, only the Cardinals fireball man Hailesley (Ryan Helsley) threw 104 miles.

Joyce said frankly after the game that he was very excited to hear this incident, and he also said that he had shot at that speed several times in college, but he hadn't shot 104 miles for a long time recently.

"My arm feels great and I'm excited to see that number and I'm hoping to push that number up a little bit more."

Joyce was selected by the Angels in the third round of last year's draft. Last season, he started directly from 2A, played 13 games and pitched 13 innings, sent 20 strikeouts and 4 walks, and his ERA was only 2.08.

However, Joyce may not be able to become a member of the Angels' open-season bullpen. The official website of the major league pointed out that there is only one vacancy in the Angels' bullpen. Played well, was sharp in spring training, and was on the Angels' 40-man roster.

Therefore, Joyce may start in the minor leagues this season and get tickets to the major leagues as the season progresses.

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