Bullpen catcher Ivan Prieto became the first Cuban player to defect.

(picture taken from twitter)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] In the World Baseball Classic, Cuba was defeated by the United States by a big score today. Soon after, it was reported that the backup catcher had defected and had not returned to the team.

Cuban reporter Francys Romero pointed out on Twitter that Cuban bullpen catcher Ivan Prieto was confirmed to leave the national team in the morning local time in Miami, and was the first player to defect from the national team in this Cuban Classic.

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Cuba was placed in Group A in this year's World Baseball Classic, defeated Taiwan in the final preliminaries, advanced to the semi-finals with 2 wins and 2 losses, then went to Tokyo and defeated Australia, which is second in Group B, 4:3 to advance to the semi-finals , was shocked by the United States 14:2 in Miami, and missed the championship game.

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