Lei Zhongda (in the middle of the second row), chairman of the Cooperative Bank, attended the opening ceremony of the weight training room.

(Photo by reporter Xu Zhengyang)

[Reporter Xu Zhengyang/Taipei Report] Since the establishment of the baseball team in 1948, the Cooperative Bank has been named several times for possible entry into professional baseball. Me, but the goal of combining libraries is different.”

Lei Zhongda pointed out that the Heku baseball team is of a good standard, and the parent company also has the conditions. Indeed, someone asked him whether he would consider transitioning to professional baseball. He also talked with consultant Xu Shunyi and head coach Wang Yanguo, "We are very supportive of Taiwanese sports. But the goals are different."

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Lei Zhongda said that the Heku baseball team has a history of more than 70 years and has trained many professional baseball players such as Guo Yuanzhi, Guo Taiyuan, Peng Zhengmin, and Lin Zhisheng. "It doesn't matter if we train the players well. bless them."

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