Huang Xiaowen.

(File photo, photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

[Central News Agency] In the 2023 Women's Boxing World Championships held in New Delhi, India, Huang Xiaowen, who won the bronze medal in the Tokyo Olympics, faced Chinese player Li Yijie in the 54 kg class today. With 32 seconds left in the second round, Shun Shun stopped the match due to "disparity in strength." Win and advance to the top 8 easily.

Huang Xiaowen, who is 176 cm tall, faced Li Yijie, who was one head shorter than her and was going abroad for the first time. She had no fear in the fight. First, she took advantage of her height and long hands to keep the two of them at a safe distance. Huang Xiaowen's left jab caused The opponent was very threatening. At the end of the first round in 3 minutes, all 5 referees gave Huang Xiaowen 10 points.

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Only 20 seconds into the second round, Huang Xiaowen effectively hit the opponent's head with continuous hooks. The referee quickly stopped the countdown, and then decided that the game could continue.

In the last minute, the opponent was hit continuously again, and the referee stopped the countdown for the second time. Although the game resumed, but only 10 seconds later, the referee decided that "Referee Stop" because of the disparity in strength between the two sides. Contest, RSC)", Huang Xiaowen was judged to be the winner.

This is also the fact that Huang Xiaowen has won two consecutive games with RSC after the top 32 of the first round defeated the Turkish opponent RSC in the third round of this World Championships. It can be seen that she is in good condition.

Today's another Taiwan contestant was Lin Qianyu from Taipei City University, who faced the Tokyo Olympic silver medalist Li Qian from China in the women's 75kg class.

Before the start of the match, Lin Qianyu's expression was a little tense and stressed. After the fight, she really couldn't stand Li Qian's fierce offensive. With 1 minute and 18 seconds left in the first round, Lin Qianyu was forced into the corner by her opponent and attacked with combined punches. The referee called stop After the second countdown, it was also determined that there was a huge disparity in strength to stop the game, and Li Qian was directly judged to win.

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