Chen Yufei.

(File photo, European News Agency)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The world's No. 4 Chinese player Chen Yufei lost to the 21-year-old "genius girl" An Xiying of South Korea in the women's singles final of the Super 1000 Series All England yesterday. Not calm enough on the field.

This is the third time in Chen Yufei's career that she has entered the All England women's singles final. She wants to pursue her second championship after 2019. She played against An Xiying 10 times before yesterday and won 8 wins. He was able to stage a comeback victory, and swallowed a 2-game losing streak at 17:21, 21:10, and 19:21.

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When Chen Yufei was interviewed by "BWF" after the game, she praised An Seying's performance in this game very well, "She was very calm on the court, and I was mostly behind, which brought a lot of pressure, but if we take this week as an example , I'm doing really well."

Chen Yufei said that she was too nervous and too impatient in the last two points of the deciding game. "I should be more calm. She is very stable on the court, making few mistakes and mastering the rhythm of the game, which also makes it difficult for me to score."

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