The United States and Cuba will face off in the top four.

(File photo, USA Today)

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Today there is an NBA game broadcast. It is the Clippers vs. Trail Blazers. The Trail Blazers, who have suffered a 5-game losing streak recently, have a chance to compete for the playoffs despite being ranked third from the bottom in the West. The Clippers unexpectedly lost to the bottom three in the East yesterday. Magic, can the Clippers cheer up and stabilize their playoff qualifications, or can the Trail Blazers stop their defeat smoothly?

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In another game, the Magic played against the Lakers. The Lakers, who are still struggling to qualify for the playoffs, recently encountered a two-game losing streak. Facing the Magic that just defeated the Clippers, will the two Los Angeles teams lose consecutively, or can the Lakers recover in time?

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The World Baseball Classic has entered the semi-finals. Yesterday, the U.S. team defeated Venezuela with a comeback slam. Today, they will meet the Cuban team, which is flying from Japan to the U.S. and is still adjusting the time difference. The defending team is expected to win for two consecutive days. Or can Cuba reach the championship again since 2006?

Cuba sent Roenis Elias to start the game, and the United States played 41-year-old veteran Adam Wainwright.


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