Zhang Yucheng (left), the MVP of Group A of the classic match, was invited to be the kick-off guest of the warm-up match held by the secondary vocational school yesterday.

(Photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

The first public warm-up match of Taigang Eagles attracted more than 3,000 people.

(Photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

Zhang Yucheng kicked off and called on the fans to support the secondary school

[Reporter Xu Zhengyang/Kaohsiung Report] The 34-year public warm-up match of the Secondary Vocational College was played in three places yesterday. Zhang Yucheng, who was selected as the MVP of Group A of the classic match, was invited to kick off at the Chengcheng Lake Stadium. He hoped that the fans could continue the touch of the classic match. Enthusiastically entered the field to cheer for every team in Taiwan; yesterday was also the first public warm-up match of the Taigang Eagles, the 6th team of the secondary vocational school. Driven by Zhang Yucheng's popularity, 3088 people entered the field, slightly more than Wei Quan Longzhong After returning to secondary school, there will be 2627 people in the first public warm-up match on February 28, 2020.

Yue Donghua (photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

Wei Shuocheng (photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

Wei Shuocheng wins and casts brothers to reward the new army for the first defeat

Under the leadership of Wei Shuocheng, who lost 1 point in 5 starts, the CITIC Brothers led the team to 7:2 and let Taigang swallow the first defeat with an official record. The head coach Lin Weizhu said that whether Wei Shuocheng can win the start of the season depends on the control team Can the ball be strengthened again.

Wei Shuocheng believes that Zheng Haojun and Xu Jilin, two young pitchers, performed very well, which made many seniors' skins tense, so he remained calm.

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Yue Donghua, who served as the brother's 7 bats, had 2 at-bats, 2 hits and 1 walk. This year's spring training started for the first time. He pointed out that after hitting the bat, he concentrated on running the bases, and the flying out may be due to the tailwind.

Although he didn't enter the 30-man roster of the classic game, he still learned a lot of experience and ideas, "It's strange to see Jiang Kunyu defending second base, because I haven't seen it before, and I'm really not used to it."

Zhang Yucheng (middle) made a signature salute gesture to the fans on the sidelines.

(Photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

Zhang Yucheng was like the "Best Actor" before the start of the game. He saluted on the mound and made the audience erupt. Not only did some players imitate his signature gesture, but "Zhu Zong" was also caught saluting.

Looking back on his transition from "deserter" to "Minister of National Defense", Zhang Yucheng thanked Cai Qichang, the president of the secondary vocational school who accompanied the kick-off, to slow down the turmoil, which made him develop a lot of mentality. Classic."

Zhang Yucheng and the Red Sox signed a one-year major league contract of 850,000 US dollars with incentive bonuses. Once the work visa is issued, he will start immediately. He hopes to bring the harvest of the classic game to the United States and achieve better development. "The goal of this year is to be safe. Play healthy and stay in the major leagues for a whole year, and the results are better than last year, and stable output is good.”