The first public warm-up match of the Taigang Eagles for the new secondary vocational team will start today.

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[Reporter Luo Zhipeng/Comprehensive Report] In the 2013 classic competition, the Taiwan team played a series of touching battles, which strongly boosted the popularity of the secondary vocational school, and the box office bonus has continued to this day; although the Taiwan team failed to advance to the quarter-finals this time, they defeated Italy and The Netherlands is a classic, and the baseball fever continues to spread. Whether the box office of secondary vocational schools can heat up again, the public warm-up game starting today will test the water temperature.

Secondary Vocational Public Warm-up Competition Schedule

In 2012, the average number of spectators per game of the secondary vocational warm-up match was only 564, and the average number of spectators per game in the regular game was 2,433. In this season, the average number of people in the public warm-up match doubled to 1141, and the number of people in the regular season increased significantly to 6079, which also made the secondary vocational school turn around.

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Taigang's brother tonight

Zhang Yucheng kicks off

Although Taiwan has a record of 2 wins and 2 losses in the preliminaries of Group A in this year's classic competition, it ranks at the bottom in terms of point loss ratio, but Wu Zheyuan, Lu Yanqing, Chen Yuxun, Lin Li, Chen Jiexian, Jiang Kunyu and Ji Lijiilao.

Gong Guan's outstanding performance shows that secondary vocational players are still competitive in the top international competitions, attracting the attention of many fans. Last year, the average number of people in the public warm-up game was 1562, and the number of people in the regular game was 4903. This season, there is a chance to benefit from the classic game The craze boosted the box office.

Since the 6th team of the Vocational and Technical College Taigang Eagles joined, after 19 years, the public warm-up match will be held in three places at the same time today. Among them, the battle between Hutai Steel and CITIC Brothers will be clarified, and the Taiwanese hero Zhang Yucheng will be invited to kick off the classic match. The other two battles, the Six Dragons and Lions Battle and the Chiayi City Brave Ape Battle, were fought at 6:35 p.m.

Taigang will enter the regular season next year. At that time, the first team of the secondary vocational team will return to the size of 6 teams. In addition to the second team competition, the demand for referees and recorders will increase. In recent years, the league has gradually recruited new blood.