Zhang Yucheng.

(File photo, European News Agency)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Red Sox Taiwanese player Zhang Yucheng played a "monster-level performance" in the classic game and was awarded the Most Valuable Player of Group A. Such a hot performance also caught the attention of head coach Alex Cora.

Zhang Yucheng shouldered the heavy responsibility of the Taiwan team four times, played 4 games, totaled 16 at-bats and hit 7 safes, including 2 homers, contributed 8 RBIs, returned 5 points, hit 438% and OPS1.438, and won Group A MVP.

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Zhang Yucheng's fiery performance has attracted the attention of many foreign media. The official website of the major leagues also cited Zhang Yucheng's example and said: "The best part of the World Baseball Classic is that it allows players you may not have heard of before to stand out."

The official website of MLB is also surprised that Zhang Yucheng, who is known for his defense, can play such an explosive attack, and hopes that he can continue this hot feeling after returning to the Red Sox.

It is worth mentioning that Red Sox head coach Cora also paid attention to Zhang Yucheng's performance. Cora praised: "He looks stronger and his body is much stronger."

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