Zhang Yucheng.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Don't let Taiwanese hero "Minister of Defense" Zhang Yucheng feel lonely in the United States, invite the people of the country to be his strongest backing!

The new 2023 MLB season will officially debut on the 31st, Taiwan time. MOD Elda TV will also obtain the exclusive broadcasting rights of new media for the 2023 season after the WBC World Baseball Classic ends, and will add four live broadcasts a day. Present the exciting matchups of the world's top professional baseball halls for Taiwanese fans.

Elda TV announces four major league games per day for the new season.

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In the new season, Elda TV broadcasting service has been upgraded again. In addition to watching the daily selection of Chinese-made live broadcasts through MOD Elda Sports Channel 1 (CH200) or Channel 2 (CH201), the Internet channel Elda Sports MAX The station will rebroadcast the original audio of 3 games every day, and four big league games a day, ensuring that fans will have a good time watching it, and let everyone cheer for Zhang Yucheng as soon as possible across the sea!

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Chen Yijun, chairman of Elda TV, said: "MOD Elda TV is honored to continue to cooperate with MLB and Chunghwa Telecom to obtain the exclusive broadcast rights of new media to create a large platform for baseball broadcast viewing. In addition to the upsurge of Zhang Yucheng brought about by the WBC Classic, In order to allow the audience to cheer for Zhang Yucheng every time in front of the TV, we decided to broadcast more MLB games to provide Taiwanese audiences with four games a day of the highest level of baseball competition MLB. At the same time, we wish Zhang Yucheng of the Red Sox , can play the best performance in this year's season."

YU Are Not Alone!

Let us "always be loyal to Zhang Yucheng" together!

After the touching performance of the 2022 season and the World Baseball Classic, Zhang Yucheng decided to sign a one-year major league contract with the Red Sox worth about $850,000 with incentive bonuses before the start of the WBC.

Taking up the heavy responsibility of representing Taiwan in the classic, Zhang Yucheng's performance has already won the hearts of fans, but his sentence "I feel very lonely in the United States" is really worrying.

Through the broadcast of Elda TV, you will be able to cheer for the "Minister of Defense" across the sea at the first time and become his strongest backing!

In the new season, Zhang Yucheng will become teammates with the Japanese player Masakayo Yoshida who challenged the major leagues through the "entry system". The haze at the bottom of the Eastern Conference rankings.

In addition to Yoshida Masao, the Japanese strong pitcher in the major leagues has also added new blood. The strong right pitcher Chiga Kodai, who played for the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks in the Japanese professional baseball last season, officially joined the New York Mets this year. After last year's season, Xiangping received a substantial salary increase from the team, and will join hands with the Angels "the treasure of the team" Mike Trout to lead the team back to the playoffs.

The major leagues will also implement new rules in the new season, including restricting defensive formations, implementing timing for pitching intervals, limiting the number of pitchers' retreats and checks, and increasing the size of base packs. From the start of the game, there will be at least one series against the other 29 teams. The new rules will make the new season more exciting.

In the 2023 Major League Baseball, Elda will broadcast live every day, four games a day!

Invite fans and friends to enjoy the best baseball feast, and witness the passionate moments of Asian players Zhang Yucheng and Otani Shohei on the world stage!

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