The Taoyuan City Government Plaza broadcast live broadcast the match between Taiwan and Holland. After Zhang Yucheng fired a grand slam, all the fans stood up and saluted.

(Extracted from Taoyuan Mayor Zhang Shanzheng's Facebook page)

[Reporter Zheng Shuting / Taoyuan Report] Salute!

"WBC World Baseball Classic" Taiwanese team will face the Dutch team tonight. The Taoyuan City Government continues to hold a live party in Fuqian Square. Zhang Yucheng, the fourth batman of the Taiwanese team, who was promoted from "Second Soldier" to "Minister of National Defense" by fans, is full of blows When the gun was shot, all the fans stood up and saluted!

Taoyuan Mayor Zhang Shanzheng specially put on the "No. 1" Taiwan team jersey and cheered for the Taiwan team together with the fans. Hope the Taiwan team can win.

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The atmosphere at the scene was very high, especially in the second game when Zhang Yucheng hit the grand slam. Zhang Shanzheng and all fans stood up and saluted, imitating Zhang Yucheng's classic moves. The fans also jokingly said that the "Minister of Defense" should be upgraded to "Commander-in-Chief" "Come on!

The city government said that tomorrow (12th) at 12:00 noon, the live broadcast of the match between the Taiwan team and the Cuba team will continue, and seats will be open 90 minutes before the game. During the event, some traffic around the city hall will be restricted, and the bus stop of the city hall will be changed to in front of Watsons. , Driving fans can park in Fuqian underground parking lot, public Ximen parking lot, and Xiamen Street three-dimensional parking lot.

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