The Japanese team's Japanese player Nutbal staged a super crazy art defense.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Lars Nootbaar, the Japanese player Lars Nootbaar who put on the jersey of the Japanese team for the first time in the 5th World Baseball Classic Group B preliminaries, faced the Chinese team yesterday. 2 hits, 5 hits in a single game, and superb defensive skills, won praises from many Japanese fans and praised Nutebar's performance on both offensive and defensive ends.

The Japanese team finally won 8-1.

In the third inning, Luo Jinjun of the Chinese team hit a shallow mid-field fly ball, and Nutbal, the center fielder of the Japanese team, sprinted with all his strength, and finally confiscated the ball that could lead to a hit with a slip catch, causing pitcher Shohei Otani to raise his hands Great praise.

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When Nutbar played in the 8th inning, he was suspected of being unwell due to playing the ball. The Japanese team supervisor Hideki Kuriyama immediately rushed to the field to care, but Nutbar refused to leave the field and insisted on finishing the game.

Nutbar was selected as a walk in the game, and the Japanese team then replaced Makihara Daisei as a runner.

Nutbar scored 2 hits in 4 hits in this campaign, picked 2 walks, ran back 2 points, and had 1 double play.

Nutbal ran the bases and sprinted with all his strength during the game. When the first baseman Cao Jie of the Chinese team made a defensive error, he was allowed to go to the base.

For Nutebar's hard work, he was appreciated by Hideki Kuriyama.

Lars Nootbaar is incredible. #WorldBaseballClassic

— MLB (@MLB) March 9, 2023

The Japanese team's Japanese player Nutbal.

(Associated Press)

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