Shohei Otani (Associated Press)

[Reporter Lin Youchen/Taipei Report] The Japanese team in Group B of the classic match defeated Orix 9:1 in the official warm-up match yesterday. Together with the victory against Hanshin the day before yesterday, they won the two official warm-up matches before tomorrow's official match.

Shohei Otani, who had double hits in a single game the day before yesterday, also had a hit yesterday, but Masaka Yoshida, who will wear the Red Sox jersey this year, is even more powerful.

The Orix team launched Higashi Kohei yesterday. The Japanese team had a strong offensive in the first two games. 3 RBI home runs, the Japanese team scored 4 points in the first game.

In the second inning, Yoshida Masamori's triple hit came with an RBI.

In addition to Yoshida Masamori's fierce reward, Yamakawa Hotaka, who came off the bench, double-safe in a single game, including 8 rounds of Yangchun Cannon, and Okamoto Kazuma also had double-safe performances.

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In order to preserve the pitching power until tomorrow's official match against China, the Japanese team coordinated and seconded 3 pitchers. The two from Rhodes, Atsuki Taneichi and Daiki Iwashita, conceded only 1 point in 7 innings. Among them, Atsuki Taneichi started 4 No hits allowed in the inning.

Yesterday, the South Korean team and the Hanshin Tigers also had a public warm-up match. The South Korean team defeated Hanshin 7:4.

Hanshin scored 2 points in 3 innings, but was eventually reversed by the South Korean team. Among them, Kim Hye-sung opened the 8th inning, Liang Yizhi doubled in a single game, and the Korean-American Edman got 1 walk in 3 hits.

The five teams in Group B include Japan, South Korea, Australia, China and the Czech Republic, and will be held at the Tokyo Dome from tomorrow to the 13th.