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— MLB (@MLB) March 6, 2023

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The 5th World Baseball Classic is about to start. Japanese team star Shohei Otani scored 6 RBIs in a single game in Group B’s official warm-up match yesterday. The Japanese team finally defeated the Hanshin Tigers 8-1 .

Among them, Otani Shohei's second home run, his bat split instantly, and still sent the small white ball over the wall, which shocked his teammates.

Shohei Otani hit a three-point shot in the third inning yesterday, and he still knelt on his left knee to fire, shocking the fans.

In the 5th game against Hanshin’s 21-year-old rookie Ren Tomita, Shohei Otani swung a three-point shot. When he came back to score and returned to the waiting room with his bat, the Japanese national player Kensuke Kondo found that Otani’s bat had been broken. Surprised that it was cracked, but still able to explode.

And Yamakawa Hotaka behind him had a wry smile on his face.

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Otani Shohei said in an interview after the game that due to jet lag, his physical condition has not yet reached 100%.

He also said that the second hit was to send the ball out of the wall with strength.

Regarding Otani's strange force, Yamakawa Hodaka joked that he wanted to give up playing baseball, "The first hit, that's a joke! The second hit also cracked the bat."; Tomita Ren who was hit also said , At the moment, I felt that the bat was broken. I thought it was a high-flying ball, and the ball was taken out by the force.

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