Harden (left), Embiid (right).

(File photo, Associated Press)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] In today's game between the Seven Sixers and the Bucks, the good performance of the Seven Sixers not only led the team to end the Bucks' 16-game winning streak, but also created a rare record of only six games in league history record.

In this game, James Harden scored a game-high 38 points, 10 assists and 9 rebounds, while Joel Embiid had 31 points, 10 assists and 6 rebounds. According to ESPN Stats & Info, this is the sixth game in NBA history where two teams scored 30 points and 10 assists in the same game.

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In addition, this record is the second time in 44 years since Otis Birdsong and Phil Ford of the Kansas Kings in the NBA in 1979 that a duo has handed over such amazing data.

After the game, "ESPN" reporter Malika Andrews (Malika Andrews) informed that the two had successfully made history, and the two clapped each other to give each other affirmation. The favorites to win the championship, but from this game, it can be seen that as long as the double stars are in good condition, the strength of the Sixers must not be underestimated.

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