The league officially announced the 34-year regular season schedule of the Chinese Professional Baseball Team today.

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[Reporter Lin Youchen/Taipei Report] The opening match of the 2023 Chinese Professional Baseball Team will be played at the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium on April 1. Last year's Taiwan competition team, the CITIC Brothers, played against the Lotte Taoyuan, kicking off the new season.

The league officially announced the 34-year regular season schedule of the Chinese Professional Baseball Team today (1), and also announced the official return of the hot-blooded secondary vocational season.

A total of 300 games will be arranged in the 2023 vocational regular season, with each team playing 120 games, including 60 home games, and 30 games between teams.

After the official warm-up match on March 29th, the opening game of the first army was ignited at the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium at 17:05 on April 1st. The CITIC Brothers faced the Lotte Taoyuan.

The next day at the Taoyuan Baseball Stadium, Lotte Taoyuan played against the Fubon Titans in the first game, and the CITIC Brothers continued to play against Wei Quanlong at the Intercontinental home court.

Uni-President 7-ELEVEn Lions Tainan's first home game is scheduled to play against CITIC Brothers on April 3. On the same day, Fubon Titans will return to Xinzhuang Stadium to face Wei Quanlong.

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Tomb-sweeping Day holiday games continued uninterrupted. On April 4th, the first match at the Qingming Lake Baseball Stadium was played between Uni-President 7-ELEVEn Lions and CITIC Brothers.

On April 7th, Wei Quanlong ushered in its first home game against CITIC Brothers at Tianmu Stadium.

On April 25, Wei Quanlong will play against Uni-President 7-ELEVEn Lions at Douliu.

On April 27, Wei Quanlong moved to the Chiayi City Baseball Stadium to play against the Fubon Titans.

From May 2nd to 5th, Uni-President 7-ELEVEn Lions moved to Houshan Hualien Baseball Stadium to compete with CITIC Brothers and Wei Quanlong.

From May 19th to 21st, it was Wei Quanlong's turn to come to the Hualien Baseball Stadium to compete with the Uni-President 7-ELEVEn Lions for three consecutive matches.

The second half of the season will start on July 14th. From July 25th to 27th, the Taitung Baseball Stadium will usher in a match again. The CITIC Brothers will play against the Uni-President 7-ELEVEn Lions and Lotte Peach Ape.

The 2023 secondary vocational games are scheduled to be held in 10 baseball fields across Taiwan. The Sunday games from April 9th ​​to May 14th are still scheduled to start at 14:05.

In addition, the non-holiday opening time of Tianmu Stadium has been adjusted to 18:35, fans and friends are also requested to pay special attention!

2023 China Professional Baseball regular season first game list

Date Venue Visiting Team Home Team Start Time

4/1 (Sat) InterContinental Lotte Peach Ape Zhongxin Brothers 17:05

4/2 (Sunday) Taoyuan Fubon Titans Lotte Peach Ape 17:05

4/3 (Monday) Tainan CITIC Brothers Unified 7- ELEVEnlion 17:05

4/3 (1) Xinzhuang Weiquanlong Fubon Titans 17:05

4/4 (Tue) Clarifying Hu Zhongxin Brothers Unified 7-ELEVEnlion 17:05

4/7 (Friday) Tianmu CITIC Brothers Weiquan Dragon 18:35

4/25 (Tuesday) Douliu Unified 7-ELEVEn Shiwei Quanlong 18:35

4/27 (Thursday) Chiayi Fubon Titans Weiquan Dragon 18:35

5/2 (Sat) Hualien CITIC Brothers Uni-President 7-ELEVEn Lion 18:35

7/25 (Tue) Taitung Uni-President 7-ELEVEn Lion CITIC Brothers 18:35

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