Zhan Zixian.

(File photo, photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The outfield competition of the CITIC Brothers is quite fierce. The big guy Song Shengrui has sprung up recently, and his batting touch is excellent. He has hit long hits in 3 consecutive games. In the eyes of Zhan Zixian, the former MVP of the Taiwan competition called out: "No I'm afraid I won't have a seat."

Song Shengrui played against Wei Quanlong yesterday and hit the left field wall with a long hit.

Zhan Zixian came off the bench, hit a well-timed hit in 8 innings, contributed 1 RBI, and the brothers drew Wei Quan 2:2 in the final game.

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When interviewed after the game, Zhan Zixian said about his state: "It's the first time I've just come back to play in actual combat. If I can compare, I will watch the ball first. I will mainly watch the ball. The rhythm and feel are not bad."

The brothers compete fiercely in the outfield. Talking about the healthy competition with his teammates, Zhan Zixian said: "(The younger brother's performance) is good, let's play together, and I won't say that I will be afraid of not having a seat or something. I said that, I have my own. the value of."

Zhan Zixian was at a low ebb last year. He only played 72 games, hit 2 homers, scored 35 RBIs, and hit a career low in a single season with a batting average of 251.

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