The former Yankees home run king Witt was trapped by injury and could only sign a minor league contract with the Brewers.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Former Yankee home run king Witt (Luke Voit) has been plagued by injuries in the past two years. After becoming a free agent in the offseason, no team is willing to give him a major league contract. In the end, he can only be with the Brewers signed a minor league contract with a spring training invite.

Witt has hit more than 20 home runs in the Yankees for two consecutive years. In 2020, he became the home run leader in the shrinking season with 22 home runs. However, he only played 68 games due to injury the following year. After being traded to the Padres in exchange for a minor league pitcher, his performance was still not impressive enough. After the Padres knocked out 13 homers but struck out 110 times, his attack index was 0.733. His offensive index fell to 0.676 and became a free agent after the season.

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"MLBTR" pointed out that the Brewers' first baseman is currently played by left-hitter Rowdy Tellez. Witte seems to be able to match the two, but in fact Witte's career performance against left-handers is worse than that of right-handers, but it is still slightly better than Terence and Wink's performance against left-handers, so we have to play Waiter's greatest value probably won't be as a pick-up hitter for left-handers.

In addition to Witt, the Brewers also signed left-handed outfielder Tyler Naquin (Tyler Naquin) with a minor league contract. Naquin played for the Reds and the Mets in the past two seasons, knocking out a total of 30 home runs, most of his career. As a corner outfielder, he can also do some center field work.

When the Brewers' current outfield configuration is not yet clear, and the big rookie Mitchell (Garrett Mitchell) has not yet fully established himself in the major leagues, Naikun can provide the Brewers with good outfield depth.

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