The Taiwan representative team in the classic match.

(File photo, photo by reporter Liao Yaodong)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The World Baseball Classic will ignite the flames of war next month. The Japanese media once again analyzed the promotion situation of the Taiwan team.

Japanese writer Hidema Komada, who is familiar with Taiwanese baseball, wrote an article for the official website of the Pacific League to introduce the main lineup of the Taiwan team. Among them, there are 6 players with major league experience, including fielders Zhang Yucheng, Lin Ziwei, pitchers Li Zhenchang, Hu Zhiwei, and Wang Weizhong. And Zeng Renhe (now withdrew due to injury).

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Among them, Jiang Shaoqing, the highest-paid player in secondary vocational schools, was also named. The article pointed out that although his performance was sluggish last year, he can still be expected to perform like Zhang Yi's performance in the top 12 in 2019.

In terms of other mid-level players, last season's MVP Lotte Taoyuan Linli also attracted attention. The article specifically mentioned that he played very smoothly in the mid-level foreign pitching, and his performance in international competitions is expected; One of the main starters is expected to play against Central and South American teams.

The report mentioned that Taiwan’s opponents in Group A, including Cuba, Italy, the Netherlands, and Panama, although there have been reports of major retirements in the near future, each team still has active players in the major leagues and is very strong. Although Taiwan will fall into It's a hard fight, but it won't end in a 3-game losing streak with a total of 32 points in 3 games like last year. If the pitcher can keep down the points lost and the speed game of the line is played properly, it is expected to pay a good result.

Hideo Komata then pointed out the advantages of the Taiwan team this time. The logistics team including the Vocational College and the Baseball Association allow the players to have no worries, and the landlord advantage in training and competitions in Taiwan is also very important. With the support of Taiwanese fans, "March into the It's not out of the question to be in the top 8."

The report also pointed out that because the Taiwan team entered the semi-finals in 2013, the popularity of this sport has been revived in China again, and the environment has been greatly improved. Now the vocational school has regained the sixth team. Set off an upsurge, Taiwan baseball is expected to rise to another level.

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