Gao Zhenghong, trainer of the Taiwanese team in the classic game, also has his own locker.

(provided by secondary vocational schools)

Walking into the third-base side player lounge of Douliu Field, the training center of the Taiwan team, you will see the lockers full of various equipment for the national players. Take a closer look, 6 trainers and 3 managers also have their own lockers , with a name strip on it, enjoying the same treatment as the classic national players.

Gao Zhenghong was the only left-hander in the Taiwan team in the classic game.

(Photo by reporter Luo Zhipeng)

The Taiwan team is trained by the secondary vocational league, forming a strong logistics team, so that players can fight on the field without any worries. In order to let the logistics staff have a sense of honor of "all as one", the league specially arranges for trainers and management. There are also exclusive lockers. Even if the identities are different, there is not much difference in the courtesy received.

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Gao Zhenghong, the trainer of CITIC Brothers, was invited to serve as the trainer of the Taiwan team this time. The feeling of treating everyone equally, the alliance is really attentive." (Reporter Luo Zhipeng)