Zhang Yuling of Dounan High School succeeded in clean and jerk with 93 kg.

(Courtesy of Weightlifting Association)

[Reporter Nian Miaoyun/Comprehensive Report] In the 2012 National Youth Cup and Jinghantang Cup Weightlifting Championships, Dounan High School has had a bumper harvest. For Lin Peijing and Zhang Yuling, the former has just practiced weightlifting for a year and a half, and the latter is still from a family with intergenerational education. Coach Yang Shengxiong called it "not easy" to achieve such results.

Zhang Yuling, a freshman in senior high school, won the silver medal in the 76kg class of the senior women's group. She said happily, "I'm very satisfied with today's results, but I made a mistake at the beginning when I didn't grasp the rhythm well. Otherwise, it should be better." Zhang Yuling surrendered 75 in the snatch today. kg, clean and jerk 96 kg, and a total of 171 kg, which is a higher level than the record she broke three times in the National Games last year.

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Zhang Yuling's parents divorced since she was a child, and her mother stopped contacting her after she took drugs and went to prison. She was raised by her grandmother and is a low-to-middle-income household. Zhang Yuling spent time in an orphanage before the fourth grade of elementary school. In addition to wanting to stand up through this sport, the main reason is to use the game bonus to make taking care of her grandma not so hard.

Yang Shengxiong said that (Zhang) Yuling is very sensible and will take the initiative to drive the atmosphere in the weightlifting team. In school, we put emphasis on education and morality. Since she is raised in an intergenerational family, there are relatively few people to teach and control her in terms of living habits and conduct. Our coaching team has also worked hard on her life in addition to skills."

Lin Peijing from Dounan High School won the bronze medal.

(Courtesy of Weightlifting Association)

Another female player, Lin Peijing, a bronze medalist in the senior women's 71 kg class, is currently a sophomore in high school. She is a javelin thrower in the track and field team in junior high school. kg, clean and jerk 90 kg, a total of 155 kg, is the best result of his career.

Lin Peijing's mother is a new immigrant from Vietnam, who is the breadwinner of the family, while her father does odd jobs to make a living, and his income is not stable. However, recently, because her grandmother is seriously ill and needs long-term care, her father can't take care of both, so the financial burden falls entirely on her mother Lin Peijing said frankly, "I do have the idea of ​​improving the family environment through weightlifting."

Zhang Yuling and Lin Peijing shined brilliantly in this 112 National Youth Cup and Jinghantang Cup Weightlifting Championships, which inspired the coaching team of Dounan High School. We also look forward to their competitiveness in the upcoming National Games Aspire to the gold medal.

Lin Peijing from Dounan High School tried the snatch.

(Courtesy of Weightlifting Association)

Zhang Yuling from Dounan High School tried the snatch.

(Courtesy of Weightlifting Association)

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