Pu Weiqing, leader of Lotte Peach Ape.

(File photo, photo by reporter Tu Jianrong)

[Reporter Lin Youchen/Jiaxian Report] Lotte Peach Apes had four players who proposed salary arbitration before this season. They were Guo Yanwen, Lai Hongcheng, Huang Weisheng and Chen Yuxun. The Apes team is training this spring. Chen Yuxun, who is currently training in the classic game, is not here. On the team, the other three people said in interviews that they did not want to fight against the team, but to protect their own rights and interests.

Since there have been cases in the past where the labor and management reached a consensus before the trial and the arbitration was revoked, the team leader Pu Weiqing said that he will continue to communicate with the players to discuss salary.

Pu Weiqing said: "There are past practices to follow, so we are still in continuous communication. For the players, it is understandable to continue to run-in and discuss if no consensus is reached."

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None of the players interviewed today mentioned the details of the contract negotiations. Only Lai Hongcheng and Guo Yanwen mentioned that they had been deducted from salary.

Pu Weiqing revealed that among the 4 people, only Chen Yuxun's salary was raised, but the two sides had different ideas on the increase, and the other 3 people talked about salary reduction.

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