The strong earthquake in Turkey led to the cancellation of the tennis tournament, and Li Yuyun returned home early.

(Provided by Cai Yizhen)

[Reporter Liang Weiming/Comprehensive Report] The recent earthquake in southeastern Turkey caused severe casualties and continued to increase. The 25W professional women's tennis tournament being held in Antalya this week also rushed back to visit because many referees and staff lived in the disaster area. Relatives, the conference had to be forced to cancel the event. The 18-year-old Taiwanese general Li Yuyun reported to the fans that she was safe, and at the same time changed her ticket to return home first.

Although the coastal city of Antalya was not seriously affected by the strong earthquake, the ground suddenly shook at 4 a.m., and players from all over the world rushed out of the hotel in fright, which made Li Yuyun and her mother Cai Yizhen who lived on the first floor a little nervous. Aftershocks continue, European and American players are generally unwilling to fight, and the conference personnel have left one after another to visit their families in the disaster area. Even the number of referees is not enough, which makes the game impossible.

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Li Yuyun and her accompanying mother could only reluctantly spend more money in order to change the air ticket. For the sudden natural disaster, they can only rejoice that they and their families are safe, and cherish everything they have, and hope that the victims affected by the earthquake can survive the difficulties. Say goodbye to the haze and rebuild your home.

Tennis tournaments canceled due to strong earthquake in Turkey, leaving stadiums empty.

(Provided by Cai Yizhen)

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