Sonny (left) guards Bennett.

(Provided by Hsinchu Siege Lion)

[Reporter Nian Miaoyun/Comprehensive Report] League leader Taoyuan Pilot Ape visited Hsinchu Siege Lions today, but with 4 minutes left in the second quarter, the two teams were angry, except for Pilot Ayerston who fouled Xiao Shunyi In addition to the unsportsmanlike foul, the foreign player Sonny, who was on the court at the moment of the dispute between the two sides, was also expelled from the court because the referee cited the "fighting regulations". When he left, he kicked the cart in dissatisfaction.

Pilot Ape relied on Shuangyang's Sonny and Ayers to lead by 7 points in the first quarter, but with 4 minutes left in the second quarter, the two teams played angry. Ayers suspected of pushing Xiao Shunyi when he got stuck at the basket , the two sides exchanged some words, and Ailes swallowed an unsportsmanlike foul.

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However, the benches of both teams took follow-up actions afterwards, and each team swallowed a technical foul. However, the leader Saruhiro Sonny, who was originally on the bench but ran onto the field, was sentenced by the referee to seize power and play by citing the "fighting regulations".

Sonny was quite dissatisfied with the verdict, and kicked his cart on the sidelines before leaving the court; in addition, Chen Zhizhong, the technical consultant of the Siege Lions who rushed to the court, was also sentenced to leave the court.

After Sonny left the field, the morale of the Apes was impacted. The siege lions Bennett and Xiao Shunyi took turns to grab points to help the team take the lead. After halftime, they took a 1-point lead.

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