Sonny protested to the referee.

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[Reporter Nian Miaoyun/Comprehensive Report] In the battle between Taoyuan Pilot Ape Jin and Hsinchu Siege Lions, the two sides got angry in the second quarter. The two teams were still arguing and waiting for the referee's decision. Slowly walked onto the court, but was disqualified by the referee citing the "fighting regulations", which aroused heated discussions among netizens, and even joked that this was a "walking fight". The league urgently issued a legal statement on this.

With 4 minutes left in the second quarter, the two teams got angry. Ailes suspected of pushing Xiao Shunyi when he was stuck at the basket.

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However, the benches of both teams took follow-up actions afterwards, and each swallowed a technical foul. However, Sonny, who was originally on the bench, walked to the court. Lion technical consultant Chen Zhizhong was also sentenced to leave, and the verdict sparked heated discussions.

The league explained earlier that because Sonny and Chen Zhizhong left the team bench and entered the court when the referee determined that a fight might result, the two sides were disqualified from the game.

However, the two were "disqualified" and not seized power, so they will not be suspended for the next game.

[Interpretation of PLG Rules, Explanation of Special Cases]

In the G058 Pilot Ape vs Siege Lion match, with 4 minutes and 00 seconds remaining in the second quarter, Pilot Ape #13 Sonny and Siege Lion technical advisor Chen Zhizhong left the bench and entered the field.

Referee's decision:

When the referee determined that it might lead to a fight, Navigator Ape #13 Sonny and Siege Lions technical advisor Chen Zhizhong left the team bench and entered the court, disqualifying both sides from the match.

A second technical foul (B2) under the coach's name will be recorded, and the penalties of both parties will be offset.

Called a foul on Pilot Ape #4 Ayres on #11 Xiao Shunyi, upgraded to an unsportsmanlike foul, the fouled Siege Lions #11 Xiao Shunyi executed two unsportsmanlike free throws, and the Siege Lions Play is resumed with a throw-in at the service line in the frontcourt.


1. In accordance with Rule 39.2.1 in the event of a fight or any situation that may lead to a fight, substitutes, players who have lost the right to play and team related personnel who leave the team's bench area shall be disqualified from the game.

2. The penalties for the disqualification of players in the bench areas of both teams and related personnel will be offset.

3. Siege Lion #11 Xiao Shunyi made two free throws and the game was resumed by Siege Lion's throw-in from the service line in the frontcourt.

4. This case is the disqualification of the players and related personnel in the team bench area, not the foul of seizing power.

*Note: This case is a disqualification from the game, and it is not a foul of seizing power, so no suspension is required.

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