The current condition of the Tainan City Liberty Park is too old for use. Director of Sports Bureau Chen Liangqian (3rd from left), legislator Lin Junxian (3rd from right) and others are here today to survey and exchange opinions on the direction of reconstruction.

(Provided by Tainan City Government)

[Reporter Wang Shuxiu/Tainan Report] The Tainan City Government has taken into account the training safety of freelance riders. In the past, it has actively sought for more than 200 million yuan in funding for the forward-looking plan 2.0. It is hoped that the central government will pay more attention to freelance racing and gain support from all walks of life.

Sports Director Chen Liangqian, on behalf of Mayor Huang Weizhe, visited Legislator Lin Junxian, Secretary of the Sports Department of the Ministry of Education Lu Hongjin, and representatives of the Free Vehicle Committee of the Tainan City Sports Association on behalf of Mayor Huang Weizhe, and exchanged views on the direction of reconstruction.

Chen Liangqian said that Mayor Huang Weizhe attached great importance to the development of sports activities, emphasizing that without a good venue, there is no way to train good players. On behalf of the mayor, he thanked all walks of life for their concern and worked hard for sports construction funds; he hoped to get the reconstruction budget as soon as possible In order to provide more professional sports venues for players and the public.

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The current condition of Tainan City Liberty Park is too old and not enough for use.

(Provided by Tainan City Government)

Lin Junxian said that the Tainan City Liberty Park is too old, and the way of repairing meals no longer meets the needs. Reconstruction is imperative, but the cost of reconstruction and reconstruction is very large, and raw materials and wages continue to rise. He looks forward to the strong support of the Sports Department. Strive for a venue that conforms to international standards for the freelancers in Tainan.

Lu Hongjin explained that although reconstruction requires more funds, it can be done once and for all compared with repairs. He also suggested that the track in the venue be rebuilt according to the international standard of 250 meters, which is more beneficial to be in line with international standards.

According to the Sports Bureau, the cost of demolition of the municipal freestyle car park is about NT$200.57 million, which includes the construction of a new 250-meter free car practice field, decoration of surrounding measures, environmental planting and greening, reconstruction of the track and seating areas, etc. etc., will also be included in the tree transplanting plan proposed by the Sports Department. It is hoped that the relevant projects can be implemented as soon as the subsidy funds are in place; the Sports Department also promises to give full support and assistance to the Nanshi Government Sports Bureau.

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