Wu Nianting.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The Taiwanese team announced yesterday the list of 30 candidates for the classic match, and Wu Nianting, a Japanese player, was among them. He said in an interview, "I feel very proud and very happy."

Wu Nianting is currently participating in the spring training of the Seibu Lions and is assigned to the first team. He is expected to report to the Taiwan team on the 16th.

In an interview with the Japanese media "Nishinippon Sports" today, Wu Nianting said that he is very happy to be included in the 30-man roster. This will be the first time for him to wear the Taiwan team jersey in his hometown. "I am really proud and very happy."

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The Japanese media bluntly stated that the biggest competitor in Group A is Cuba. Regarding the player who needs to be vigilant, Wu Nianting said: "It should be Livan Moinelo. I think he will be the finisher. I hope we can win in that game. take the lead.”

The Taiwan team is divided into Group A in the preliminaries. The opponents in the same group are Cuba, Italy, the Netherlands, and Panama.

Group A preliminaries will be held at the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium. The top two will advance to the semi-finals and advance to the Tokyo Dome.

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