Luo Jialing.

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[Reporter Nian Miaoyun/Taipei Report] Taekwondo "National Girlfriend" Luo Jialing just arrived in Turkey yesterday, and will participate in the Turkish Open on February 10. However, a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 occurred in the local area. She posted a message yesterday to report that she is safe. Today, I also shared the donation link of the Turkish Rescue Team on Facebook, calling on everyone to lend a helping hand.

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit the northwest of Gaziantep Province in Turkey yesterday, and aftershocks continued to cause serious casualties.

Luo Jialing and the members of the Taiwan team just arrived there yesterday. She said that because they were still on the plane when the earthquake happened, the team members were all safe.

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Luo Jialing will next participate in the Turkish Open in Istanbul on February 10. It is understood that there is no change in the current competition and it is expected to be held normally. The venue of the competition is at the hotel where the team is staying, so there is no need for travel and travel, and it also reduces movement. possible risks.

Seeing the severe disaster in the area, Kaling Luo posted a message on Facebook calling on everyone to donate to help the Turkish rescue team. She said: "I hope everyone can gather together to cheer for Turkey, or you can donate to them like me, and use what you can help in a way.”

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