Taichung's "Football Intensive Cultivation Program" has entered its fourth year.

(Provided by Mini Football Association) 

[Reporter Liang Weiming/Comprehensive Report] The Taichung City Sports Bureau and the National Campus Community Sports League jointly organized the "Football Deep Cultivation Project", which has entered the fourth year. Consensus camp study”, You Dongkai, a traveling lecturer of the Mini Football Association who was invited to attend, expressed that he hopes to continue the enthusiasm for the World Cup every four years, start from the grassroots education, let more and more children learn football, and continue in 29 Taichung Administrative district promotion.

The "Consensus Camp for Instructors" held simultaneously with the "Football Deep Cultivation Program" also attracts many coaches to participate in the event every year. The course content includes program descriptions, advanced theories for instructors, and coordination tasks for teaching areas. The nearest football stadium is Chaoma Through the combination of theory and practice, we are committed to improving the quality of teaching.

"Although it was not available in the whole district in the first year, with the strong support of the Taichung City Sports Bureau, it has not only reached the whole district in the fourth year, allowing children from all over the world to participate in football activities, and even expanded to rural areas. Many The teaching level of the instructors has also improved relatively, which has brought a win-win effect to children's football."

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The Taichung City Sports Bureau stated that after the training camp, certified professional instructors will conduct in-depth football teaching in schools in various administrative districts from February 13th to May 26th, and then launch a football festival in June to let the children actually end up on the field Participate, accumulate experience and progress faster. 

You Dongkai (middle), lecturer of the Mini Football Association.

(Provided by Mini Football Association) 

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