Zeng Junyue.

(File photo, photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The classic Taiwanese team announced the list of 30 players yesterday. Zeng Junyue, the patron saint of Fubon Titans, was successfully selected. He sent an emotional post saying: "Thank you for your hard work and not giving up."

Zeng Junyue wrote on IG: "Thank you for the affirmation of the coach and the training committee, thank you for your hard work and not giving up, and go all out for the next game, please cheer for us!!"

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Zeng Junyue played 47 games last year, with a score of 2 wins and 4 losses, an ERA of 2.86, 20 successful rescues, 6 successful relays, a total of 50.1 innings pitched, 64 strikeouts, and a hit rate of 1.05 per inning.

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