Priest Bergoz (from left), Machado, Soto, and Tatis Jr. lined up with star ratings.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] South Korean infielder Jin He, who plays for the Padres, is expected to move from shortstop to second base this season, and Fernando Tatis Jr. may switch to outfield after returning from suspension.

Jin Hecheng got a lot of chances to play last season because Tatis Jr. was involved in a doping scandal due to injury. In 150 games, he posted a batting average of 2.51% and 11 home runs. However, as the Padres usher in Xander Bogaerts in the offseason, he will also have to move defense.

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Kim He Sung attended the Padres star meeting and said that he has received notice from the team that he will play second base most of the time in the new season, and will support short-stop and third base depending on the situation. "Kinchado" once again showed his friendship with third base teammate Machado (Manny Machado).

Tatis Jr., who was absent last season, has no position in the infield after returning to the team. He may move to the outfield. In an interview today, he said that he has learned a lot from the turmoil of the past year, and he will go all out to guard any position in the new season. Start again with a sense of redemption and prove yourself.

No surprise, but Ha-Seong Kim says he's been told to expect to play mostly second base this season. He later added that when he plays third base, he likes to refer to himself as “Kimchado.”

— AJ Cassavell (@AJCassavell) February 4, 2023

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