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[Reporter Gong Naiyu/Dou Liu Report] The only unanimous Hall of Fame-inducted legendary player in MLB history, Rivera, will come to Taiwan to kick off, which will immediately lead to the pre-sale of tickets for the Taiwan team's opening game against Panama on March 8.

Hantron said that 70% of the Taiwan-Pakistan wars have been sold, and the other 3/10 pairs of Italy, 3/11 of the Netherlands, and 3/12 of Cuba are all sold out.

Rivera, who was born in Panama, is the greatest finisher in the history of the major leagues. He has won 5 World Series championship rings in his career and was selected for 13 star games: he is also the last player in the major leagues to wear No. 42. This is the first black man The back number of the star Robinson was fully retired by the major leagues in 1997, and all new players on the team are no longer allowed to use it.

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The Taiwan team, led by head coach Lin Yueping, officially started training at the Douliu Stadium today. The official roster of 30 players will be submitted on February 6. After the public warm-up match on March 5-6, the first match will be against Panama on March 8. The opponents in the preliminaries are Italy, Cuba and the Netherlands. The top 2 in each group will advance to the knockout round.

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