Chiga Kodai (left) and Kai Takuya.

(taken from IG)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The World Baseball Classic will be held in March. Japanese strong pitcher Chiga Kyodai will definitely not participate. He said that he will do his best to cheer for the Japanese team as a fan this time.

Chiga challenged the big leagues in the off season and joined the Mets with a 5-year contract of 75 million US dollars. The Japanese team supervisor Hideki Kuriyama considered that this was Chiga's first season in the United States. He hoped that he could concentrate on preparing for the game. The two sides carefully considered, Chiga Kodai will definitely not play in the Classic.

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For not being able to participate in the classic match, Chiga Koda felt a little regretful. He expressed his desire to participate in the battle with his comrade-in-arms Kai Takuya, "I saw how you started to work tirelessly for the WBC. I wanted to compete with you, although it didn't work out. , but as a fan, I will do my best to cheer for the Japanese team led by Director Kuriyama."

Both Chiga Kyodai and Kai Takuya joined Softbank in 2010 as bred players. As comrades-in-arms during the same period, they worked hard all the way, and they are also close shooting partners. The relationship between the two is quite deep.

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