Ukrainian high jumpers

Yaroslava Maguchih

and Iryna Gerashchenko successfully started the international winter season.

Our compatriots climbed to the podium of the competition in the German Cottbus.

Maguchih won "gold" by jumping 1.98 m. The 21-year-old track and field athlete from Dnipro also tried to conquer a height of 2.02 m, but was unable to do so.

Gerashchenko became the silver medalist of the tournament, taking the bar at a height of 1.96 m. "Bronze" was won by the Finn Geta Tuuri, who performed a jump of 1.90 m.

World Athletics Indoor Tour Bronze: High Jump

1. Yaroslava Maguchih (Ukraine) - 1.98 m

2. Iryna Gerashchenko (Ukraine) - 1.96 m

3. Geta Tuuri (Finland) - 1.90 m

4. Maria Vukovich (Montenegro) - 1.90 m

Let's add that in mid-January, Maguchih 


at the Oleksiy Demjanyuk Memorial in Lviv, conquering a height of 2.00 m. This is the best result of the current season in the world.

Gerashchenko took silver (1.93 m) at these competitions, and another Ukrainian, Yulia Levchenko, became a bronze medalist (1.91 m).

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