Brothers new rookie players (from left) Chen Bojun, Zhang Zuen, Xu Jilin, Ruan Yuzhi, Lu Mengyang, Li Chengen, Feng Hao, Zheng Haojun disguised as cartoon characters.

(Photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

[Reporter Xu Zhengyang/Pingtung Report] Rookie Day is an important event for CITIC Brothers’ training. This year’s theme is "The Strongest CITIC Kindergarten". Eight newcomers dressed up as Qiaohu, Powerpuff Girls, Ania and other cartoon characters.

In the first two rounds of last year's mid-season draft, Zheng Haojun and Xu Jilin were both named by head coach Lin Weizhu, which is worth looking forward to this year.

CITIC Brothers new pitcher Zheng Haojun.

(Photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

Zheng Haojun played 1 game in the first team at the end of the season last year. He only conceded 1 point in 4.1 innings with 78 balls. His fastest ball speed was 152 kilometers. One of the rotation candidates, I hope he has a better performance this year, "Xu Jilin is also an immediate combat force, and both of them have the opportunity to become starters."

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Zheng Haojun pointed out that the team is positioned as the starter this year and hopes to lengthen the number of innings pitched. The goal is to throw 9 innings every time he plays. After the season last year, he strengthened the two pitches of the carter ball and the sinker ball. I specifically asked Wang Jianmin for advice, "I quarrel with him every day, he should find it very annoying. I just learned his grip recently, but I can't throw the tail force."

Xu Jilin was selected as a national player for the U23 World Cup last year. After joining, he only practiced with the team for 4 days. After the season, he focused on strengthening his arms. The first runner-up, stable competition, and maintaining health, the positioning depends on the arrangement of the coaching staff.

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