Jeremy Lin joined the Iron Man.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Jeremy Lin, a Taiwanese player, announced today that he will join P. LEAGUE+ Kaohsiung 17 live broadcast Ironman.

After Jeremy Lin announced his joining, the New Taipei King Facebook also posted a photo of Jeremy Lin and Shuwei Lin brothers together, and wrote: "Brother, wait for you to come to the castle and sit down. Pick a game, and you will bring the ball." This heated up the relationship between the Lin brothers. duel topic.

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Jeremy Lin is expected to arrive in Taiwan in February. On February 11, the Iron Man will face the Kings at home in Fengshan. At that time, the two are expected to usher in the first match in their careers. On February 28, it will be the Iron Man's turn to play at the home court of the New Taipei Kings. .

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