T. Young.

(File photo, USA Today)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] After the Eagles’ state fell into a low ebb this season, the team’s young master T. Young (Trae Young) was also reported to be at odds with the team from time to time. Now there is even more news that he is likely to Will choose to leave the team this offseason.

According to "Bleacher Report" reporter Eric Pincus, although T. Young himself did not ask for a trade, and the team currently has no plans to trade him, a person from inside the NBA believes that the problems between the Eagles and T. Young Still not resolved.

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In addition, the unnamed source added that the eagle's primary goal before this year's trade deadline is to replace John Collins, and the probability of T. Young's part is not high.

But T. Young may try to leave the Eagles after this season. If the team finally agrees to replace him this summer, the Lakers will have a close relationship with the Lakers because of T. Young's agency Klutch Sports. And there is a high probability of becoming his next home.

Although these are just rumors at the moment, and considering the importance of T. Young to the Eagles, it is impossible for the team to trade him without trying to resolve the differences between the two sides, but if T. Young insists on leaving in the end , then who his next family will definitely be the focus of attention this summer.

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