Although the Warriors' first brother Curry scored a game-high 34 points, he lost his braces at a critical moment and was expelled from the game (Associated Press)

[Reporter Nian Miaoyun/Comprehensive Report] The Warriors fought fiercely with the No. 2 Grizzlies in the Western Conference yesterday. Although Curry, the first brother of the Warriors, scored a game-high 34 points, he lost his braces at a critical moment and was expelled. Shooter Ball Putting the meritorious deeds into the winning score 1 second before the end, the Warriors awarded the Grizzlies a 4-game losing streak with 122:120.

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Warriors reward Grizzlies with 4-game losing streak

The Warriors faced the Grizzlies yesterday and fell behind by 1 point after the first half. Although they caught up in the decisive quarter, when the Warriors led 116:114 with 1 minute and 14 seconds left before the final game, Ball came down with 14 seconds left in the attack clock. He chose to shoot a super-long three-pointer and failed to score. Curry lost his braces when he returned to defense, and was kicked out by the referee, which also gave the Grizzlies an opportunity to tie.

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However, Ball's mood was not affected. He received a pass from his teammate in the basketball at the last second and made the winning goal to help the team retain the victory. After the game, he and Corey resolved their grievances in the player aisle.

Regarding the emotional reaction of the soldiers, Warriors coach Kerr said: "Poll knew he shouldn't have made this mistake. It was the best result to win the game after Curry was ejected."

Corey, who has the image of a good man, terrified everyone with his rare emotional loss on the court yesterday. He said that the reconciliation after the conflict also proved the importance of him and Ball in each other's hearts.

Ball scored 21 points yesterday, and K. Thompson scored 24 points.

Trail Blazers Lillard breaks 60 points in 4

The Blazers' Corilard made 9 three-pointers and scored 60 points in the battle against the Jazz yesterday, helping the team win 134:124.

This is the fourth time in Lillard's career that he has scored more than 60 points, and he has made 2,292 three-pointers in his career, surpassing the legendary star Carter to rank sixth in history.