CITIC Brothers Captain Wang Weichen.

(Photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

[Reporter Xu Zhengyang/Pingtung Report] CITIC Brothers started training at the Pingtung spring training base yesterday. Head coach Lin Weizhu swore that the only goal this year is to win the championship for three consecutive years. The 3-game winning streak, but in the near future, the goal will be to play well in the classic game in March.

CITIC Brothers Training Ceremony.

(Photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

Look at the monthly salary of 600,000 yuan

The captain wants to create a dynasty and surpass his father

Wang Weichen pointed out that in his memory, his father had never been the captain of the national team. After being appointed as the captain by Lin Yueping, the head coach of the Taiwan classics, he hoped to break through another obstacle of his father. The team can establish a dynasty and can continue to win 4 or even 5 consecutive hegemony.”

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CITIC has not yet completed the player salary negotiation. The team leader Liu Zhiwei initially estimated that the salary increase will be about 7% compared with the previous two years. Wang Weichen is expected to be able to stand at 600,000 yuan in monthly salary this year. He also has the opportunity to sign another multi-year contract. He said, Because I have to report to the national team tomorrow, the focus will be on the classic game first, and the salary negotiation will be handled by the brokerage company.

Song Shengrui said no to Erdaoliu

Concentrate on the field

CITIC also made a major decision. Originally, it was planned for Song Shengrui to develop into two-handed shooting. After careful consideration and discussions with the coaching staff, he decided to focus on fielding. Spend a little more time on the farm."

Kevin Cheng if the season is too late

3 foreign casts go first

CITIC is preparing 4 foreign generals for the opening season. Xiang Moli, Fulaixi, and Tai Le will join spring training today. De Paula is expected to arrive in Taiwan in early February. The 3 places in the opening season are 3 shots or 2 shots and 1 wild. The key is Zheng Kaiwen's surgery Rehabilitation progress to clear right elbow spur.

Lin Weizhu believes that if Zheng Kaiwen is too late to catch up with the opening season, there is a high probability that the three foreigners will all be pitchers.

Lin Weizhu said that facing each team has reinforcements and the goal is to be a champion, the pressure is great every year. It is not easy to complete the 3 consecutive championships. Only by doing a good job can we have good results. It means that we will stand firm this year, don’t back down when encountering difficulties in the process, and hope to share the glory and joy with the fans at the end of the year.”

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