Last year's Wimbledon champion, Kazakh player Rebakina beat back Ashalenka from Belarus to grab the final ticket (AFP)

No set lost vs. Wimbledon championship final is exciting

[Reporter Nian Miaoyun/Comprehensive Report] The undefeated Belarusian female player Sabalenka defeated the Polish Dark Malei 7:6(1), 6:2 in the Australian Open women's singles semi-final yesterday. Nite, who won 10 consecutive victories in the opening season, broke into the Grand Slam women's singles final for the first time in her career, and will compete with last year's Wimbledon champion Kazakh player Rebakina for the women's singles title.

World No. 5 Sabalenka is in a hot situation this year. She has not lost a set at the Australian Open and has reached the top four in straight sets.

Yesterday, she ran into Reinette, who was ranked 45th in the world. Although she was forced to a tie-break in the first set, Sabalenka did not lose her footing.

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Sabalenka did not forget to praise Reinette for her performance after the game, but she was not satisfied with her start. She said: "I didn't start well, but after the tie-break, I slowly found my rhythm. Played well."

In another top 4 women's singles match, Leibakina, who is ranked 25th in the world, defeated Belarus' front ball back Asha Lenka 7:6 (4), 6:3 and grabbed the ticket to the final.

Rebakina said frankly that she was very nervous in this game and thanked the team for their help. Although there were ups and downs in the process, fortunately she still won in the end.

The two sides have played 3 sets in all 3 matches

In the past, Rebakina met Sabalenka and suffered a 3-game losing streak. The last time the two met was in the top 16 of Wimbledon in 2021, and the two sides have played 3 sets in the past 3 encounters. It is expected that this final will be another fierce battle.