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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] With two potential new stars Oswald Peraza and Anthony Volpe ready to take over in the new season, the Yankees hope to replace former star third baseman Donaldson ( Josh Donaldson) was traded to clear some cap space.

"USA Today" reporter Bob Nightengale (Bob Nightengale) has previously reported that the Yankees are continuing to inform other major league teams that Donaldson and Aaron Hicks (Aaron Hicks) can be traded, and the team is also happy. Pay part of their salary to get the deal done.

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Donaldson struggled in New York last season, batting .222 and hitting 15 home runs, compared to his 247 hitting and hitting 26 home runs in the Twins the year before. There is a big gap in comparison.

With his salary still up to $21 million this year and $6 million to buy out his co-option for a $16 million salary in 2024, his high salary is indeed a big deal for the current Yankees. burden.

In addition, from the perspective of salary space, "Roster Resource" estimates that the Yankees' current team salary has reached 272 million, which is not far from the top-level salary cap of 293 million, and it is known that the Yankees executives do not want to let the salary break through the last level. Under the tax line, replacing Donaldson may be the key to whether the team can strengthen the gap in left field.

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