Lin Yiquan moved to the Unified Lions.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Lin Yi switched from the Fubon Titans to the Uni-President Lions in the new season. He announced earlier that he would wear the No. 99 jersey.

Lin Yi has been wearing No. 9 throughout his career, but Uni-President Lion No. 9 is currently Li Chengling's back number. He also announced on Facebook earlier that he will wear two No. 9s, that is, No. 99.

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Lin Yiquan wrote: "I am relatively naive and slow to speak. In fact, what I want to express is that the back number is just a number to me. The number is not important. The key is how to work hard and how to help the team better. , everything should be simple, that’s what I want.”

Lin Yiquan pointed out, "A lot of enthusiastic people, including my own manager, are very enthusiastic to help me ask my juniors. I think this will put invisible pressure on my juniors. This is not my intention. I also think that the team leader's suggestion No. 99 is very good. I hope to be in the unified team for a long time, and Double9 also looks forward to using the power of their Double to help the new team.”

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